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iconlogoRight to Manage Set Up

At ARKO Property Management we can provide a full set up service for lessees who would like to claim the right to manage (RTM) their blocks. There is no obligation to use our management services. When the acquisition date arrives, you can manage your block yourself. Of course, for some blocks we would be happy to provide a free quote for the full management service for your consideration.

For a one off fee we can provide the following:- 

  • Set up the Right To Manage Company.
  • Contact all the Lessees explaining the RTM process.
  • Serve the Notice of Participation on all qualifying Tenants.
  • Complete the Register of Participants and issue membership certificates.
  • Issue the claim notice on the Landlord and relevant parties.
  • Respond to the Counterclaim appropriately.
  • Request the relevant take over documents.
  • Hand over to you, the Client.

 If not defended, you could be managing your block in around 4 months.

Why not contact us today to receive advice on the 'pros and cons' of Right to Manage and self-management.

Our initial advice to all those who are contemplating Right to Manage, is to do lots of research to help you decide if RTM is the right thing for you. It is a big step to take and not an easy step to succeed in. Property Management is highly regulated by legislation. It is good to know what responsibilities you are taking on before you jump in the water!

If you're not sure give ARKO Property Management a call today on 01424 439786.